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A release date for "Flame of Seraphim Healing" is now on the horizon . . .

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Comprehensive how-to manual on state-of-the-art karma-erasing technology, Flame of Seraphim Healing™, will soon have a definite release date

Most people who follow me on social media already know about my fantasy writings, but until now, I've chosen to keep my non-fiction work mostly under the radar. Having learned my lesson years ago, when, overcome by a salad day-ish enthusiasm, I'd often make announcements about the fiction work(s) that would never eventuate (because . . . Life), this time round I barely made a peep about FOSH until it was absolutely, definitely finished and ready to rock the fucking YOUniverse!

Most people who follow me on social media already know about my fantasy writings, but until now, I've chosen to keep my non-fiction work mostly under the radar.

So, FOSH is now ready to go and all I'm basically waiting on is to get some more people on the Book Launch Team. Explaining what a launch team is for those who've never heard of the term is a whole new blog entry (or encyclopedia!) in itself. But, briefly, it's a team of people who have genuine interest in a particular book and who are given a free pre-release copy to read and then review on Amazon either just prior to or shortly after the release date. Even though I'm naturally good at marketing and certain parts of it are fun, the process can also be a headache, as a writer should actually be focusing on WRITING. For those who may have not noticed, there are only twenty-four hours in a Standard Earth Day, so one must make a choice: it's either writing or marketing (or 2 hours of sleep per day!).

So anyway, in all seriousness (admittedly, a very difficult state for me to be in), I did set up an embryonic FOSH launch team earlier this year (although, at the time, I didn't technically realize it was such; I saw the private FB Group as more of a "FOSH fans hangout" than anything else, but that more or less is the definition of a launch team, i.e. a group of people that are fans of a book/series) and I am continuing to grow it. Because, unfortunately, without Amazon reviews, even a handful of them to start with, it's a very bad idea to release a bookit'll just be crickets and tumbleweeds; absolutely no one will touch it with a ten foot pole. I've been burned before with something I briefly released on Amazon's KDP back in 2018. So, FOSH is more or less ready to launch right this second, but I will be holding out as much as I can so that a few more fine, upstanding individuals can get onboard the launch team. Like I said, even though I can do the marketing stuff if I really have to, deep down I mostly hate it and wish that none of us had to do marketing. For anything. Ever.

But we also live in the real world, so if one wants to put out a book that will have a positive impact on the world (and FOSH definitely is that), such a one must, fortunately or unfortunately, partake of the "forbidden fruit" that is marketing, at least to an extent. So any interested parties need to wait just a little while longer for the book to come out.

So what is FOSH anyway?

Flame of Seraphim Healing is an original new energy healing modality that utilizes Archangel Michael's Flaming Sword during a FOSH session, in order to "burn away" large amounts of "impurities" (trauma/bad karma in other words), much of it from past lives (feel free to also check out the About and How does it work? pages). While AA Michael's sword is already in widespread use in the New Age Movement for things like generic cord-cutting, etc., FOSH significantly differs in that it requires a custom AA Michael Wand for the technique to work at all. The Wand is designed under the most stringent Qabalistic standards and is an entirely original creation that barely resembles the well-known, Golden Dawn style magick wands from the occultism scene (and it especially does not resemble the feather-clad "wands" of New Age Bullshit). So FOSH has almost nothing to do with New Ageism, but everything to do with the Western Magical Tradition (WMT).

This specialized, exacting design protocol is what enables the Wand to act as a powerful 3D beacon that can literally draw down the "flame of the Seraphim" from the heavens during a FOSH session. Hence the name Flame of Seraphim Healing, which came straight from Higher Self and not from my own imagination. So, in effect, the Wand is custom-designed to double as AA Michael's actual Flaming Sword during a session (in an energetic sense, obviously; we don't manifest a corporeal sword during FOSH). And the technique itself revolves around the simple act of visualizing each of your seven subtle bodies standing in front of you, one at a time, and "slashing" away at it with your Wand/Etheric Sword. The extremely high-vibration Seraphic Fires (Michael's Flaming Sword is literally made of the "flame of the Seraphim") cut thru your subtle bodies like a lightsaber cuts thru butter, removing an enormous amount of bad karma even in a single session. This can often result in "miraculous" life changes, almost immediately after a FOSH session, sometimes within days. The reason for this is because we've never before had such direct access to the Choir of the Seraphim, which is the highest level in the Christian Angelic Hierarchy and the level just beneath the Godhead. Humanity was not yet ready for it, vibrationally speaking. Truly, this is Aquarian Age spiritual technology of the highest order.

So FOSH is revolutionary insofar as it burns/erases more karma than any of the existing techniques, in addition to doing it in record time (as already mentioned, even a single session can have mind-blowing effects on your 3D life). I have been my own guinea pig for FOSH since I first developed it back in Jan 2016 and, hand to heart, every word I say here is true, even if it may sound too good to be true, at first. I can understand why people might think that: the best, indeed the only way, to be convinced that something works is to try it out for yourself, of course. Taking another person's word for it (even when you know they're telling the truth) is not the recommended approach for truth-discovery. But all I can say to you at this early stage is that both FOSH and myself are the real McCoy and that, given enough time, these words will surely become prophetic.

The technique itself (which only comprises about two or three pages of the book, the rest being a whole lot of occult/magical theory, plus the painstaking, step-by-step wand-making instructions, of course) was "given" to me one fateful Sunday night back in Jan 2016, via a dictated writing that was completely out-of-the-blue. So it's not like I dreamt it up myself; it was an express delivery from Higher Self for an order I didn't even know I'd made lol! At the time, I knew about as much about FOSH as the readers of this post know now. It was only after I had thoroughly tested it out on myself that I became convinced it was exactly what that initial dictated writing claimed it was. It's just that it's a new thing at the moment and, when compared to the earlier, more established energy healing tech out there, some of the claims might sound a bit far-fetched.

Again, I understand why there could be such a reaction. If I saw someone else making similar claims about a new energy healing modality, I'd be skeptical too, as being skeptical is part of my nature. But the entire point of FOSH is that it's very specifically designed, by Spirit, to be a major upgrade of Earth's energy healing techniques. We've been given a tool here that allows us to unburden our individual, as well as our collective, karma in a faster and more effective way than has ever been possible. And, of course, "miraculous" spiritual technologies of this sort are exactly what one would expect in this emerging New Aeon of Aquarius (whose proper start date, by the way, was much more likely to have been Dec 21, 2020 than its 2012 equivalent; alas, this is a subject for an entire book, let alone a measly blog post parenthesis). So it was only a matter of when, not if, something as revolutionary as FOSH would burst onto the scene. And I am just its custodian; the "Instructions Guy," nothing more.

So, I hope to see you on the FOSH train soon, so we can all do our part in taking this karma-screwed, floating rock to the next level! If you'd like to join the FOSH Launch Team and help unleash this miraculous spiritual technology unto the world, click the button below!

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