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How does Flame of Seraphim Healing work?

As mentioned in the About section, FOSH utilizes Archangel Michael's Flaming Sword during the sessions. And, while AA Michael's sword is often utilized by a variety of New Age style visualizations (for energetic cord-cutting, etc.), the way it's used in FOSH is totally unique and this makes the technique way more powerful than just a simple cord-cutting exercise. 

The key to the immense power of FOSH is twofold:


1. Every session starts with a command that states our intention to call down "the Flame of Seraphim" and it is done in the name of Michael and Christ (think the Christ-force, not Jesus the man). This is how the technique was actually dictated back in Jan 2016, so the term "Flame of Seraphim" was not a product of my Lower Self's creative imagination, but rather of a higher, divine source. Many so-called psychics have given channeling a bad name, and it has become synonymous with New Age Bullshit, but in the case of FOSH, the proof is in the puddingit works and works extremely well; miraculously well, even. I know because I've been my own guinea pig for a little over six years now. And may Zeus strike me down if I'm not, but everything I say about this technique is true. So this particular writing (the channeled section is only a couple of pages, really; the other 99 percent of the book is me being in Extreme Left Brain Mode) is clearly among the five percent or so of dictated writings that are legit. And the reason why calling on the "Flame of the Seraphim" is so powerful, is because humans have never worked with the fires of the Seraphic Realms before, as they are of too high a vibration for us to handle. Or at least they were till now. Apparently, God has decided that we're now ready to step it up a notch and start working with the mind-bending power of the Seraphic fires. So, to recap, even though Michael's Flaming Sword is in widespread use in the modern spirituality scene, what has never been used before is the "Flame" of the Seraphim, which are the beings that are closest to God and burn with a fire that is pure love for the Creator, as they sing continuously, day and night, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts." As you can imagine then, an energy healing modality that's specifically designed to work with this extremely high-vibration, divine fire would work faster and more forcefully than anything else we have ever seen. This is why I repeatedly say, with absolute confidence, in the book that FOSH is the most powerful karma-erasing technology on the planet right now. 

2. The fact that the Archangel Michael Healing Wand has been designed under the most stringent specifications of the Western Magical Tradition (ceremonial magic, planetary magic, Qabalah, etc.). Sure, consciously calling on the Flame of Seraphim is a big part of the equation and the technique wouldn't work at all without it, but the design of the Michael Wand itself is almost as important, because, without it, the technique would be nowhere near as powerful. 


This is, of course, why I went to extraordinary lengths to make the book as detailed and comprehensive as possible, when I could've just as easily written a short, 40,000 word how-to manual on the wand-making part and not much more beyond that. But I was determined to explain every aspect of how this thing works, and then some. So the Wand, then, which can broadly be classified as a talisman (or think of it as a magical weapon of the Golden Dawn or Wiccan variety, if you will), is designed to be a living vessel of the Michael energy, thus acting as a beacon that can draw the high-vibration Seraphic fires down to the Earth Realm and, most importantly perhaps, actually ground them so that they may be of practical use to us. It is in this way that the Wand allows us to manifest Michael's very own Flaming Sword during a FOSH session, whose blade is literally made of the "Flame" of the Seraphim. As a matter of fact, aside from being the leader of the angels, AA Michael is also the head Seraph, so it makes perfect sense that a technique that uses his sword to obliterate mankind's bad karma would be called Flame of Seraphim Healing. 


And the technique itself simply consists of visualizing each of your seven subtle bodies in front of you, one by one, and "slashing" away at them with the AA Michael sword. (This is done energetically, obviously. We are not manifesting any swords in the corporeal world! But, then, as all good, intelligent people know, the unseen realms are more "real" than the seen ones, which suits our purposes just fine.) And what this does is it burns away bad karma, or "impurities" as they're called in the dictated section, with a speed and power that's never been seen before in the history of spirituality and occultism, as this is the first energy healing technique on Earth that consciously works with the fires of the Seraphim. 

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