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Flame of Seraphim Healing is a revolutionary new energy healing modality that uses a custom Archangel Michael Healing Wand, which allows the solo FOSH practitioner to energetically manifest AA Michael's actual Flaming Sword during a session and use it to burn away impurities from his or her seven subtle bodies. An enormous amount of karma can thus be erased, even in a single session, and this often leads to rapid and shocking life changes that, in our limited understanding of metaphysical laws, are perceived as "miracles." 


In the meantime, you can either:


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Much like FOSH, this book was written around a dictated writing that explains the nature of the Violet Flame for a modern audience in a highly original way. Male readers of an occultist bent, who would otherwise be skeptical of the VF, would be particularly impressed by the writing, as it does away with the typical New Age Bullshitisms that have sadly given St. Germain and the VF a bad name. 


However, the main purpose of the book is to offer the reader a series of "magickal hacks" that Konstantine devised for his own personal use. These hacks can supercharge the already immense power of the VF, helping you transmute negative life

circumstances in faster and more miraculous ways than has ever been possible. 

Approaching the subject in a refreshingly grounded, practical way, this book will convince many Violet Flame skeptics to partake of this extraordinary agent of alchemical transformation!

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