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Flaming Sword

What is Flame of Seraphim Healing?

Flame of Seraphim Healing is a revolutionary new energy healing modality that uses a custom Archangel Michael Healing Wand, which allows the solo FOSH practitioner to energetically manifest AA Michael's actual Flaming Sword during a session and use it to burn away impurities from his or her seven subtle bodies. An enormous amount of karma can thus be erased, even in a single session, and this often leads to rapid and shocking life changes that, in our limited understanding of metaphysical laws, are perceived as "miracles."


But they are nothing of the sort: the elimination of previously unheard of amounts of karma (much of it from past lives) simply unleashes the FOSH practitioner's dormant manifesting powers and, with consistent practice of FOSH, (s)he can continue to create better timelines that sharply diverge from the original timeline that was "fixed" at birth and whose "main events" were stipulated in the pre-birth contract. Due to the massive amounts of past life karma it can burn away, FOSH is able to override our pre-birth contract and this is why the resultant manifestations in the FOSH practitioner's 3D reality appear to be "miraculous."


Despite its humble beginnings in early-to-mid 2012 as a makeshift wand that was initially used just for Reiki self-healings, it would seem the Archangel Michael Healing Wand was destined, from day one, to be the magical weapon of choice for carrying out Flame of Seraphim Healingitself received during an extraordinary dictation session in January of 2016, almost four years after the early prototype of the wand was made. And from the way those handful of dictated pages were written, it was clear they were addressing an audience; this was always going to be a book. And so, over six years later, at this critical moment in history, Flame of Seraphim Healing is finally ready to be unleashed upon the world; a precision how-to manual, over 200K words long, delineating a state of the art spiritual technology that, in just one lifetime, can help the user eliminate more sanchita karma (the total sum of karma from all our past lives) than has ever been possible with the previous techniques. Truly, the defining healing modality of the New Aeon of Aquarius. 

A supreme karma-erasing technology was vitally needed on Earth at this time; a time of unimaginable darkness, when the human race is clearly splitting into two, sharply diverging factions: those who are spiritually awake and those who are barely alive, also known as Hylics or Organic Portals. And, just like in the great fantasy tales, whenever the darkness reaches its peak, a polar opposite force of good also appears, even if at the last second, for it is a Law of the Universe that such a balance must existand the Dark knows this and cannot stop, or directly interfere with, the process.

Sooner or later, such a karma-erasing technique was bound to appear, and it just happens to be Flame of Seraphim Healing! 

Flaming Sword


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